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"Shuai-Shuai" strike while Liu Fangzhou be defeate...

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Going hand in hand: the "Shuai-Shuai" pair made a quick start in doubles

On September 11, the third day of the Jiangxi Open, Zhang Shuai and Peng Shuai made a dramatic start to the year with a 2-0 win in the doubles.

In the first set, Peng Shuai, Zhang Shuai in cooperation with a little rusty, the opening two goals after the opponent was quickly broken. Gumulya Beatrice and Van Der Hoek Rosalie started steady and broke again to win the next three games. At the critical moment, Peng Shuai and Zhang Shuai gave each other high-fives and encouraged each other, constantly adjusted the rhythm of their state, and exchanged tactics on the spot. They fought back tenaciously under the backward conditions, successfully broke the opponent's serve, and recovered the game. The competition between the two groups of players is very fierce, in the score to 5:4, Zhang Shuai with handsome forehand line volley successfully tied the score, instantly turned the situation on the court. In the tiebreak, Zhang Shuai equalized and scored with an ACE. Peng Shuai, with a tacit understanding, kept on defending the opponent's two goals and won the tiebreak.

In the second set, the combination of "Shuai-Shuai" continued to rise, and the advantage of the stronger combination is more obvious. Tall Van Der Hoek Rosalie 's form slipped and he double-faulted on the key serve to set up a game. Zhang and Peng followed up the win with more and more aggressive attacks, eliminating the break point of the opponent and not giving him any chance after he got two sets. In the final game, Peng Shuai volleyed two volleys to finish the match 2-0.

They both advanced to the second round of the singles match with brilliant performances on October 10. Today, in the home audience cheers, is the sweep of the opponent to advance to the next round. "It should be said that we still have a lot of adjustment to do, today's match made us feel very good, can have the big game tension. After the match, Peng Shuai said it was the second time for the two to cooperate this year. Let us look forward to Peng Shuai, Zhang Shuai hand in hand, in the future competition, blooming China's golden flower style.

Liu Fangzhou be defeated—yesterday’s victory turned to today’s lost

In the first game of the center stadium on the third day of the race, Liu Fangzhou who holds a wild card, won three sets of promotion to Danilina Anna on the 9th. Today, against Linette Magda from Poland, the two players have a wide gap in the world ranking, and the disparity in strength is doomed to be a tough fight for Liu Fangzhou. In the end, Liu Fangzhou lost to Polishs Linette and missed the victory at 0:2.

 The rhythm of the whole game was compact, and the two contestants made a quick decision, only 58 minutes to win or lose. Rinnette's two ACE balls echo at the beginning and end. Throughout the game, Rinette's serve quality was surprisingly high, with a maximum speed of 172. In the face of a strong opponent, Liu was able to respond in peace from the beginning, but from the first stage of the second set, he was somewhat unable to hit back, or even the bat supported the ground, facing the return of the ball again, and repeatedly lost points. Starting with the third round of the second set, Liu Fangzhou's service quality dropped in a double error, the  Rinette scoring and said to Liu Fangzhou :sorry It's common to win or lose on the court,This sentence sorry says that he is the same contestant who sympathizes with each other. But the outcome is a foregone conclusion, Liu Fangzhou was conceding, even his own scoreboard has become harder and harder, and finally, linette the end of the ACE ball.

 In the post-game press conference, Linette.  We attach great importance to today's race with Chinese contestant Liu Fangzhou. "winning and losing is a common thing for the army." Liu Fangzhou won the 9 th race with joy, and today there is also a lonely defeat. I hope she can adjust her state of mind and present her more wonderful performance in the future events.


Peterson Rebecca advanced to the top eight

In the second game of the No. 1 field, Sweden's  Peterson Rebecca versus Croatia's Fett Jana against Sweden's No. 5 seed Swedish player Peterson Rebecca. After an hour and 59 minutes of fierce battle, Peterson eliminated her opponent to the top 8 at 2:0. In the first set of the game, Peterson quickly set up a lead of 2:0 in the game and was then equalised by his opponent. In the fifth inning, Peterson, who was guided by the coach during the break, did well in the serve, winning at 40:30 and leading again at 3:2. Peterson, who won the inventory in the eighth inning, failed to continue his advantage, losing two sets in a row, leading to a 5-5 game and getting stuck in the game. Peterson won the game again at 40:15 in the serve final. The two men fell into a bitter battle again in the 12th inning. After 40: 40, they took the lead alternately. Peterson failed to hold on to the advantage and was kept by his opponent again. In the seven innings, Peterson did not give the opponent a chance to fight back, briskly accepted the bureau, after 70 minutes of fierce battle to win the first set. At the beginning of the second set, Fett was the first to take the lead, and Peterson fought back to build an advantage. Peterson made a number of mistakes in the fifth inning and was successfully pulled back by her opponent with the ace ball. Peterson, who regained the form of the game, won three more innings To win the match point, Fate fought back to recover the two innings, but the situation on the court has been firmly controlled by Peterson, the serve final game with the ace ball to end the game, successfully promoted to the top eight. Peterson is the first time to take part in the Jiangxi Open competition this year, when asked how she feels about Hero City, she said: "this is my first trip to the river net, I feel very good to come to Nanchang, I enjoy the game here very much." When I first came to Nanchang, the weather here is a little unsuitable for me, because my hometown Sweden is a high latitude country. But because I often compete around the world, I can quickly adapt to the local climate. " In this game, Peterson, who played as the No. 5 seed of the tournament, had her first game against fit, who broke through from qualifying. "this is the first time I've faced Fat," she said. "she's a solid defensive player and a lot of good shots, which put a lot of pressure on me." It took a lot of effort to win the first set, and in the second set I found a way to limit my opponent and finally won. I was impressed by the performance of my opponent. "

Notably, Peterson Rebecca used a medical bandage and ankle brace on his left ankle for the game and appeared at the press conference with an ice pack strapped to his left ankle. That may have been one of the reasons the no. 5 seed struggled in the opening set, Peterson Rebecca said. I used bandages and ankle pads to be on the safe side and I had some reservations in the first set. It was not a serious injury but I will keep an eye on it for the next few days."

Appendicular:"Shuai-Shuai" strike while Liu Fangzhou be defeate...
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